Thursday, 26 January 2012

new range of lavender bags

I've been developing a new range of lavender bags.

approximately 9cmx8cm they are filled with Yorkshire lavender.


available now on Folksy,

heart lavender bags

or email me


  1. Good morning. Hope the removal men didn't make too much mess. Popping over your shop now, happy days, Ax

  2. Like all the new lavender bags, but the bird is my favourite

  3. Well Tess.... I've started a blog - with your guidance on the google thing. Hope I'm doing it right?

    Whilst on the subject of lavender bags, I absolutely love mine. It hangs and swings from my rear view mirror in the car. Give it a quick squeeze now and again, and I am rewarded with the lovely smell of lavender. Very relaxing.

  4. OOh, you are here on this lovely shiny gorgeous crafty blog! Off to be sorely tempted in your shop. Belinda x